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Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fireplaces are a statement maker.

An outdoor fireplace is a monument type of structure that cant help but add character to your yard. Design and placement are essential as are all elements of a well planned outdoor environment.

Most people like big fire boxes on their outdoor fireplaces, but options include the Rumford inserts. Some 650 years ago Mr. Rumford decided that he didn’t much care for the fireplace in his english home cooling his already cold home. It turns out that the thermal convection of air in most fireplace designs causes the heat to move up through the flue drawing cold air into the house. This isn’t critical in an outdoor fireplace, but if you want your outdoor fireplace to project heat, his design will definitely do the trick. The trade off is a smaller fire box.

While I prefer masonry structures for outdoor applications, fireplaces, barbecue structures and fire pits can be constructed using steel stud framing with stone and tile veneers. Steel stud framing is always less money, just make sure your contractor installs a cementitious board barrier between the base concrete and the bottom steel track that the vertical studs fit into.

Introduction of electronic ignition for outdoor fire features requires planning for the location of the electronic valve as well as a conduit for the electrical supply. Fire pits should also include a drain.