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Electronic Ignition for Fire Features

Why have electronic ignition for your fire features?

Many applications of fire features are located in areas that are not easily accessed. By way of example, fire bowls at the ends of an infinite edge swimming pool, or on a pedestal in a commercial or common area. In these and other applications electronic ignition is not optional.

What do you get with electronic ignition for your fire features?

The advantages of electronic ignition are legion. First, there is the convenience of pushing a button and the system ignites, push it again and it turns off. Second, is that the systems are designed to function in the wind, which is ever present in the outdoors.Third, is that they eliminate to unpleasant experience of flash ignition which preserves your eyelashes, your eyebrows and in my case my hair. I have installed hundreds of fire features and I still manage to burn off my facial hair every other year.

The system we use is the brain child of an entrepreneur, inventor and friend from the Las Vegas area. He got into the business with the intent of building a better system than what was available at the time. He like others, started by adapting available gas appliance valves, solenoids, and computer chips to work in an outdoor application. All of the aforementioned components are tried and true parts of in home heating systems. You have numerous sets in your home right now; however, they are not designed to work in an outdoor environment.

After a couple of set backs and consistent frustration, Bob set about developing a proprietary system dedicated to outdoor electronic ignition. The result is a robust system that will stay lit in winds up to 50 miles per hour and will relight up to three times if it should be extinguished by wind or rain. After that it has the good sense not to relight in inclement weather. Additionally, the pilot burner assembly, which is the vulnerable component, is modular and can be easily changed out. What this means to you is that you will own a system which will give you years of service.

This system is also the smallest in the industry which allows it to be used in a variety of applications. As an example, I installed a unit in a custom steel fireplace in Brentwood California as well as many fire bowls, rectangular fire pits, fire bowl rocks and on a 26’ serpentine burner on the back side of an infinite edge pool.

The units are available in standard electronic ignition, high capacity electronic ignition, submersible electronic ignition and electronic ignition tiki torches. You decide where you want fire and we will make it happen for you.