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Flame Inspiration
Flame Inspiration


How to integrate a fire and water feature for backyard inspiration

According to the American Association of Landscape Architects latest annual survey, the number one landscape design element for 2015 is a fire feature.

But with so many styles, shapes, and sizes to choose from, careful consideration needs to be given before making a selection. Here are some examples of how to set up fire in your outdoor living space to create maximum flame inspiration!

First and foremost, consider what you want your fire feature to accomplish. Will it be an accessory to your pool or spa? If so, how many accent points are there surrounding your pool or spa? Or will it be one main focal point in your outdoor space? Would you like to incorporate the sound of a gentle waterfall with it?

Whatever size your outdoor space, Inspired Fire FX has everything you need to turn the great outdoors into your very own personal flame inspiration!